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On Friday, September 25, 2020 the Executives' Association of Greater Albuquerque (EAGA) conducted their annual corporate trapshoot at the Albuquerque Trap Club.

The Top Shooter was T. J. Malloy who received a one-year membership at the Albuquerque Trap Club.

The Top Squad was Squad Number 5 and all members of that squad received certificates for a free round of trap at the Albuquerque Trap Club.

The EAGA provided many prizes for all participants.  The prize table is pictured below.
Every Corporate Shoot Starts with a Safety Briefing
Squad 1:  Michael Malloy, Raul Rodriguez, Phil Menicucci, Mike Predika and Ron Pattison.
Squad 2:  Steve Grant, Jay Weingardt, and Lou Rodges.
Squad 5:  James Jaramillo, Karl Kirsch, Jack Zipper, Damian Lusch, and T. J. Malloy
Squad 4:  Rick Reese, Randy Baker, Pat Maloy, and Robert Biernaki
Squad 3: Joe Sierra, Mike Deveraux, Roger Linn, Paul Losey, and John Mead
Squad 6:  Mario Hernandez, John Woods, Terry Roberts, and Scott Willson
Pictures of the EAGA Prize Table
Top Shooter T. J. Malloy