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2022 EAGA Shoot
On Friday, September 23, 2022 the Executives' Association of Greater Albuquerque (EAGA) conducted their annual corporate trapshoot at the Albuquerque Trap Club.
The EAGA is a group of business owners and executives that meet regularly to share business information and support each other in their business endeavors. For over a decade we have had an annual event at the Albuquerque Trap Club (ATC). Our membership thoroughly enjoys this outing every year. Many of our members have never owned or fired a shotgun before but enjoy participating in the shoot due to the helpfulness and guidance of the staff provided by ATC. Everyone manages to break some targets no matter their level of expertise. 

This is an outdoor event that is a very short distance from downtown Albuquerque. We start about 7:30 AM and are generally done by noon. 

Jack Zipper

EAGA Membership Chairman.
Prize Table
Trophy Table
Team 1 - First Place Team for 2022
Stephen Zipper, Rick Reese, Shawn Maloy, Aaron Maloy, T J Maloy
All members of Team 1 received a free round of trap at the Albuquerque Trap Club
Team 2 - Second Place Team for 2022
Jarrid Roberts, Mitch Roberts, Bob Scholl, Travis Roberts, Terry Roberts
Team 3
Paul Barrigan, John Canpbell, Karl Kirsch, Ray Beloit, Pat Maloy
Team 4 - Third Place Team for 2022
Mike Krepfl, Ben Spencer, Joe Sierra, Michael Melloy, John Rockwell
Michael Melloy was the Top Shooter for 2022 and received a one-year membership at the Albuquerque Trap Club
Team 5
Owen Scarpa, Mark Tobiassen, Brent Melville, Emily Melville, Kit Turpen
Team 6
Brian Walden, Steve Grant, Scott Peck
Team 7
Rich Rosley, Maria Hernandez, Philip Menicucci, John Menicucci, Lance Darnell
Team 8
Robert Bernacki, Brandon Grending, Lawrence Saban, Steve Douglas
Team 9
James Jarmillo, Paul Losey, Benjamin Woods, Johnathon Woods, John Woods